Freshwater Potato Pearls Peach Creme 6.5-7mm (16" Strand)

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16" Strand


  • Size: 6.5-7mm
  • Length: 16" Strand
  • Color: Peach Creme
  • Hole Size: 1mm
  • Beads Per Strand (Approximate): 66
  • Shape: Potato
  • Grade: B/C
  • _COLOR: Peach Creme
  • _SimpleColor: Peach Creme

Potato Pearls range in shape from round to oval, and have a lumpy surface appearance that resembles a potato. Because of their uneven surface, they add character and uniqueness to any Necklace, Anklet, or Bracelet. Our Pearls are graded A, A/B, B, B/C or C quality; A being the very best quality, while C, would be medium quality.

All measurements are done by the width of the Pearl, and please understand that pearls may vary in size per strand. Our Pearls are strung on temporary strands and should be re-strung before wearing. Please see our selection of Carded Bead Cords to find a color right for your selection of Pearls.

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