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1) Take each of the ball headpins (not the Swarovski headpin at this point) and thread one Swarovski Bicone and one "bellflower" resin flower onto each of these headpins. Thread it so the Swarovski bicone fits inside the resin flower. Make a simple loop with the remaining wire, and snip any excess wire off with your sidecutters.

2) With the Swarovski headpin, thread on the small five point flower so that the crystal of the headpin rests inside the flower. Now thread on the medium six point flower, the seven point flower and the Swarovski Crystal Daisy Spacer. Hold the face of the Swarovski Crystal Headpin with your non-dominant hand and bend the exposed wire 90 degrees as close as you can to the Daisy Spacer. From here make a simple loop, then fold the loop over so that it lies flat on the daisy spacer.

3) Place a small amount of super glue onto the back of one of the petals on the seven point flower. Place the flat circle of the bail onto the spot of glue and allow to dry before moving.

4) Thread the bail onto the chain. Move the pendant to the very center of the chain (make sure that the bail rests on a long link of the chain). If you need to trim a couple of links off to make both sides even, do it now. Open the loops on either side of the clasp and attach each half of the clasp onto the ends of the chain. Close the loops on the clasps securely.

5) Open up one of the simple loops that you created in step #1. Counting up, attach this simple loop to the third long link from where the bail is resting on the chain.

6) Repeat step #5 on the other side of the necklace.

7) Open the remaining two simple loops that were created in step #1. Attach these to either side of the chain, three long links up from where you attached the simple loops from step #5 and #6. Make sure all loops are closed securely. Done!
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