Earring Kit - Cloisonne Light Blue

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  • Style: Earring
  • Type: Kit
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Kit includes all items needed to complete project. Tools are not included.
Recommended Tools: Chain Nose Pliers (PL490), Round Nose Pliers (PL491), Side Cutters (PL495), Nylon Jaw Pliers (PL829)

Project Instructions:
1) If your headpins are bent, you can use your nylon jaw pliers to straighten them out. If you don’t have nylon jaw pliers, hold the headpin just under the flat end with your chain nose pliers and pull a cloth along the length of the headpin a couple of times to achieve a straight headpin.

2) With one of the headpins, thread on one cloisonne bead and one gold plated round bead.

3) Measure up the headpin about 3/4” and make a simple loop. Open the loop on the end of the french hook wire just like you would a jump ring; to the side, not straight out. Slip the simple loop that you just made on the earring loop, and close the french hook wire the same way that you opened it.

4) Repeat all steps to create the other earring and you’re done!
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