Dream in Color Necklace Project

Dream in Color Necklace Project

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Quantity of Items Needed
24" of Antique Copper Chain (CN788)
2 Antique Copper Jump Rings (JR209)
1 Antique Copper Hook and Eye Clasp (CL2503)
1 Antique Copper Bail (BL924)
1 Antique Copper Filigree (CN373)
5 Antique Copper Headpins (HP173)
10 Antique Copper Bead Caps (BC1033)
5 Swarovski Padparadscha Briolette Beads (SD5025)
5 Swarovski Jade Gemcolor Crystal Pearls (PR7239)
8 Swarovski Denim Blue Flatbacks (RF3266)
8 Swarovski Topaz Chatons (RP3022)
1 Swarovski Siam Rivoli Stone (RS4008)
1 Crystal Clay DeCoRé Epoxy Clay (EC1401)

1) Take a pinch of each half of the epoxy clay and mix it together as specified in the directions included in the epoxy clay package. After the clay is mixed thoroughly, roll into a 5-7mm wide snake. Place the snake around the inner circle of the filigree and then set the Siam Rivoli into the center of the filigree. Since you still have your gloves on from mixing the epoxy clay, fit and mold the clay so that the rivoli is sitting evenly in the center of the filigree and the clay is evenly spaced around the rivoli. Flatten the face of the clay out so that there is a surface for the chatons and flatback to fit into.

2) With your tweezers begin to fit the Topaz chatons into the epoxy clay, using the spokes of the filigree as a guide. Press the chatons gently into the clay with the tip of your tweezers and then use the back flat wide end of the tweezers to press the clay back into shape if pressing the chaton in gets it out of shape. Now fit the Denim Blue flatbacks in-between the Topaz chatons the same way you did before. You have about 20-25 mins. to get all of the crystal into the clay.

3) Set the filigree aside and begin to construct the drops. To do this pick up a headpin and thread on one bead cap, a Jade pear-shaped crystal pearl, another bead cap, and then a Padparadscha briolette crystal. Make a simple loop with the remaining wire. Repeat this step four more times.

4) When the clay has dried completely, pick up the filigree and attach one of the drops to the center loop in-between two spokes on the bottom of the filigree (see picture above for details). Attach two more drops to the filigree just on the outside of each of the spokes on the bottom of the filigree (again, see the picture above to see detail)

5) With your Chain Nose pliers, attach the Ice Pick bail to the top of the filigree in-between the two spokes at the top. Make sure to pinch the bail securely with your pliers so that the filigree has no way of slipping out.

6) Attach the two remaining drops onto the chain about an inch from the pendant.

7) Make sure that each end of the chain ends in a long link (if not, use your Side Cutters to cut the smaller links away). Open each of the Jump Rings and use these to attach each half of the Hook and Eye clasp to each half of the necklace. Done!
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