Double Filigree Bracelet Project

Double Filigree Bracelet Project

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Quantity of Items Needed
14 Swarovski Bicone 5301 5mm Padparadscha (AC5025)
1 Filigree Clasp 16x6mm Gold Filled (BC704)
14 Gold Filled Eye Pin 1" 24 gauge (EP104)
20 Swarovski Filigree 60860 Gold Plated Pacific Opal/Padparadscha (FG8190)
4 Jump Ring Open 4mm Gold Filled (JR404)
18 Jump Ring - Oval Open 5x4mm Gold Plated (JR722)


1) Take one EP104 and thread a AC5025 onto it. Cut off all but 3/16" of the remaining wire and make a loop using PL491. Repeat this 13 more times.

2) Take one half of BC704 and attach a JR404 to it. Before closing this JR404, attach another JR404. Close the first jump ring. Take two of the biconed EP104s and attach the loops to the last JR404.

3) Open the other looped end of each of the eye pins and attach to the loops on the filligrees that are one inside from the topmost loop. Close the loops on the eye pins.

4) Take two JR722s and open, attaching to the bottommost loops of the filligrees in step #3. Before closing the oval rings, attach these to the topmost loops of another set of FG8190s. Repeat this step eight more times.

5) To link the two filligree strands together, take a biconed EP104 and attach to the innermost loop on each filligree. ( making sure to link the two filligrees next to one another ) Repeat until all filligrees are linked to one another.

To Finish.

6) Take remaining 2 biconed EP104s and attach to the loops on the last 2 FG8190s that are one inside from the bottomost loop. Take another JR404 and bring the two eye pins together. Before closing the JR404, attach the final JR404, then close the first jump ring.

7) Open the last jump ring and attach this to the other half of BC704.
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