Divine Earring Project

Divine Earring Project

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** VERY IMPORTANT -- Before proceeding with this project make sure that you have watched How to use Liver of Sulfur**

1) Set up your area for working with Liver of Sulfur, when everything is set up and ready to go, don your gloves and with your plastic tweezers, place all sterling items from the first container into the Liver of Sulfur solution. Allow the pieces to turn completely black before removing them and placing them into the clean water container. Treat your Liver of Sulfur with baking soda and clean up your area as referenced in the video.

2) After removing the sterling items from the last container and drying them off completely, take one of the ear wires and slip one of the rivoli settings onto the ear wire, making sure that the cup portion of the setting is facing towards the front of the earring. Close up the ear wire for the time being.

3) Thread a pearl and bead cap onto one of the headpins and with your Chain Nose, Round Nose and Side Cutters, make a simple loop with the remaining wire. Re-open the loop after creating it and slide this loop on the loop at the base of the rivoli setting. Close the loop so that it's secure.

4) Squeeze a very small amount (about the amount of the tip of your pinky finger) into the middle of the cup of the rivoli setting. Place one of the rivoli stones into the cup and push down very gently on the middle of the stone. This is just to make sure that the glue and the back of the stone make good contact. DON'T push down so hard that glue oozes up from around the edge and onto the front of the stone. Move this earring someplace safe to begin curing while you make the matching earring. Allow both earrings to sit undisturbed for at least 12hrs before wearing.

Quantity of Items Needed
2 Bead Cap 6mm Sterling Silver (BC525)
2 Head Pin 1" 20 Gauge Sterling Silver (HP235)
2 Swarovski Crystal Pearls 5810 5mm White (PR5200)
2 Rivoli Setting 2-Loop 12mm Pewter Gun Metal Plated (RS055)
2 Swarovski Rivoli Round 1122 12mm Crystal (RS2000)
2 Ear Wire Long Kidney Style 35mm Sterling Silver (SH377)
1 E6000 Glue 1oz. (GL118)
1 Liver of Sulfur 4oz. (LS600)

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