Christmas Jewelry Projects

Check out any of our project guides to learn how to make your holiday themed jewelry. Save money and have fun by creating your own jewelry. Our free project instructions will show you how. December 25th is the Christian holiday commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. Celebrated by many, this holiday is an all month celebration with social gatherings, gift giving, tree and home decorating. The figure Father Christmas, or Santa Claus, brings presents to well behaved children and coal to those who have mis-behaved throughout the year.

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Wreath Earring Project
Christmas Trees Earring Project
Christmas Lights Earring Project
Candy Canes Earring Project
Snowfall Earring Project
O' Tannenbaum Earring Project
Crystal Star Earring Project
Wreath Necklace
Holiday Celebration Bracelet
Swarovski Noel Christmas Trees Earring Project