Crystal Wrapped Ring

Crystal Wrapped Ring

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Quantity of Items Needed
10" of 20ga Copper Wire (CW2010)
1 12mm Swarovski Crystal Round (RB2000) *for making ring #1
1 8mm Swarovski Light Turquoise Cube Bead (CU8263) *for making ring #2
2 6mm Swarovski Indicolite AB Round Beads (RB8925) *for making ring #2
1 Steel Ring Mandrel with Groove (GA160)


1) Take the 10" length of wire and make a 90° bend in the center. Slip the Crystal Bead (or Beads) onto on half of the wire. Now take your Chain Nose or Flat Nose Pliers and make another 90° bend to "lock" the beads onto the wire. (Don't worry, one half of the wire will be shorter than the other half)

2) Reposition the Flat Nose or Chain Nose pliers so that they are on one half of the wire just beneath the Crystal Bead(s). While holding the pliers, splay the wire so that it's now at a 45° bend. Repeat this step for the other half of wire.

3) Position the Crystal Bead(s) on the grooved section of the mandrel at the desired ring size. Hold the bead(s) in place as you begin to wrap the wire around the mandrel in opposite directions. When you get to the Crystal Bead(s), continue to wrap the wires around either side of the bead(s). When you've cleared the bead(s), continue to wrap the wire so that they are now perpendicular to the wrap of the ring shank.

4) Remove the ring from the mandrel and set your Flat Nose pliers on one half of the ring, halfway between the top and bottom of the ring. With your Chain Nose pliers, begin to wrap the perpendicular wire around the ring shank. You only need to go around three times. Cut the wire off so that it's lined up with the shank itself - in other words, you don't want the cut end irritating the inside of your finger, or the fingers next to the one that you're wearing the ring on. (Even after you make the cut, file the end off with a small file and this will reduce the chance of irritation as well)

5) Reposition your Flat Nose Pliers to the other side of the ring and with your Chain Nose Pliers, wrap the other half of the ring and cut (and possibly file) this other half of the ring too. Done!
Easy to follow
This was a great tutorial. I love making all kinds of jewelry.
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