Crystal Fish

Crystal Fish

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1) Take the Fish Pendant and thread the Sapphire headpin through the front of the pendant. Take your Bent Nose pliers and thread the rest of the headpin wire along the back of the pendant and up through the pre-drilled lengthwise hole in the back of the pendant. Don't worry about securing the headpin permanently right now, but when you remove the tool from the headpin wire, the headpin shouldn't want to fall out of place in the front of the pendant. If it wiggles more than you like, take your Flat Nose pliers and press the exposed headpin wire so that it is as flush and as tight to the back of the pendant as you can get it. If you look at the top of the pendant, you should barely be able to see the very end of the headpin wire in the hole. (Remember, all of these pendants are unique in shape, so if any wire is actually coming out of the top of the wire, grab your Side Cutters and trim away that excess wire.)

2) Mix up equal amounts of epoxy on a small piece of paper with a toothpick. Use the toothpick to apply a small amount of epoxy to the threads of the screw eye and then insert the screw eye into the top of the pendant. This is where the headpin from the previous step will be permanently secured. The screw eye and the headpin wire should be able to share the diameter of the pendant hole, and the epoxy will give the screw eye something to hold onto. Allow this pendant to cure, undisturbed for 12-24 hours before the next step.

3) Snap the bail onto the connector loop of the screw eye, and set aside for the moment.

4) Focusing on one half of the 20" length of cotton cording, thread on the lobster clasp and fold over the last 1½"-2" onto itself (making a loop that has the lobster clasp within it) and wrap the gold wire around the cotton cord about 5-6 times. Snip away the excess wire with your Side Cutters. Now you can thread on the bail.

To Finish.
5) Fold over the other end of the cotton cord (you may wish to make this loop a bit larger than the other so that the clasp has a substantial loop to attach to), and wrap the gold wire around where the two meet about 5-6 times. Snip away the excess wire and it ready to wear!
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