Copper Solder Paste Soft (1/2 Troy Ounce)

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  • Size: ½ oz.
  • Color: Dull Silver
  • Type: Easy Flow Solder
  • Contains: Copper Flux
  • Melting Point: 1240°
  • Flow Point: 1325°
  • _COLOR: Silver
  • _SimpleColor: Silver

Soldering is so easy with our Copper Solder Paste. Each syringe contains 1/2 Troy Ounce of Copper Solder mixed with Flux, so you get just the right mix of Solder and Flux every time. Note* Copper Solder Paste is not actually Copper in color. However, it is less bright than silver solder paste, so it blends in well with Copper, making it an excellent choice. It is also cadmium free. Works great with our SO310 Torch!

Size: 1/2 oz
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