Continuous Pearl and Gemstone Strand Necklace

Continuous Pearl and Gemstone Strand Necklace

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** HINT ** The night prior to making this project, take BC1216 and unwrap from the card. Throw one end over a shower bar and attach both ends to a set of keys ( not too heavy, just enough for a gentle pull ) By doing this, the nylon cord will be stretched and the knots that are tied with it will stay in place.

1) Measure 5" up from the end of BC1015 that doesn't have the needle attached to it. Place piece of tape over this piece of cord ( You could tape it to a table, just as long as it stops the beads from falling off as you're threading them on )

2) Thread on the first 4 beads ( without using the pearl knotting technique ) as a reminder, the pattern of beads and pearls in this project is completely random. 3. Begin to thread on your choice of beads, using the pearl knotting technique between each of them. When you reach your desired length, thread on the last 4 beads ( without the pearl knotting technique between them )

3) Take the taped end of BC1015 and after attaching a BN200 ( Flatten the eye against the cord with PL490 ) thread this end through the last bead of th eopposing side ( Don't pull tight, you want to leace some room between the unknotted beads for the next step ) Make an overhand knot. Now continue threading the cord through each of the remaining 3 beads on that side of the necklace, making an overhand knot between each one.

4) Cut off the excess cord for that end with PL495 or small scissors.

To Finish.
5) Take the other length of cord and repeat steps the last two steps for the other side.
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