Cone Silicone Polisher with Mandrel Attached - Extra Fine (1-Pc)

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  • Width: 5.5mm
  • Color: Pink
  • Material: Silicone Carbide
  • Shape: Cone
  • Grit: Extra Fine
  • _HIDE_KEY_1: Shaft size 3/32
This Pink Polishing Cone is perfect for adding the finishing touches on almost any metal. The Extra Fine grit polishes to a clean, mirror like finish without the need to further polish with rouge.
Size: 15.5mm x 5.5mm
Material: Silicone Carbide
Country of Origin: U.S.A.

Silicone Polishing Wheels are an excellent choice for grinding, smoothing and polishing Gold, Silver, Copper and almost any other jewelry metal. Highly flexible and heat resistant Silicone Rubber is impregnated with varying grits of abrasive Silicone Carbide particles to form a strong bond that won’t fly apart or disintegrate under heat or high RPM’s generated by rotary handpieces. Available in coarse, medium, fine, and extra fine grit.

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