Comfort in Nature

Comfort in Nature

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1) Take the 24" length of cording and thread the Pendant on. Don't do a Lark's Head, just thread it on. Now, with the four Coiled Ring Beads, slide these one at a time over the two cord ends. This might get a bit tricky only because the second cord going through the bead will want to fray if it gets hung up. You can't put two cords through at once (at least I wasn't able to) so I'd take the one cord through, and then wet the second cord end with some water and give it a twist. If you can grab the end of the cord with your Chain Nose pliers to aid you in pulling it through, this will work as well.

2) Even out the cording after all of the Ring Beads are threaded on. Fit one half of the Toggle Clasp onto one cord end. Make an overhand knot with the cord. Pull so that you have about an inch of cording folding over one another. Take one of the 2" lengths of Copper Wire and put a "U" in the wire up from one of the ends. Fit this "U" over the folded cording and begin to wrap the wire. Use your Chain Nose pliers to really control the wire as you're wrapping. Make the wraps tight and wrap about 6-7 times. Cut off the excess wire ends with your Side Cutters, and tuck the ends into the coil with your Chain Nose pliers.

To Finish.

3) Repeat step #2 for the other side of the necklace. With your Side Cutters, cut off any excess cording with your Side Cutters (so that there's no cording extending past the end of the wire wrap). Done.
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