Changing Seasons Ring

Changing Seasons Ring

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Quantity of Items Needed
5" of Elasticity (BC174)
36 Bali Style Flat Flower Beads (BD247)
2 Sterling Silver 3mm Round Beads (BD305)
2 Swarovski Mocca Rondelles (AR4286)
1 Swarovski 6mm Bronze Crystal Pearl (PR6204)

1) Take the 5" length of Elasticity and thread on 18 of the Bali Style Flat Flower Beads onto the cord. Thread on one of the 3mm Round Beads

2) Thread on a Mocca Rondelle, a Bronze Pearl, and another Mocca Rondelle, followed by another 3mm Round bead. (If your are making a Cube Ring: one Crystal AB Rondelle Square, an Indigo Cube, and another Crystal AB Rondelle Square)

To Finish.

3) Thread on the remaining 18 Bali Style Flat Flower Beads onto the cord, and then tie both sides together with a square knot. Cut the excess cording away with scissors.
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