Cell Phone Fob

Cell Phone Fob

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1) Take the 2 1/2" length of BC142 and thread on one AC3391 followed by one AC4391. Continue to thread on the bicones, alternating between the two sizes until all of the bicones have been threaded on.

2) Thread one end of the beaded cord through the jump ring on PH100. Tie the two ends of the beaded BC142 together and secure with a double knot. Use a toothpick to apply a small drop of GL527 to the knot and wait to dry completely before the next step.

To Finish.
3) Take JR605 and open using PL490 and PL491. Take BR6001 and attach to the open JR605. With this same JR605, attach to the jump ring on PH100. Close JR605.
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