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Quantity of Items Needed
1 Antique Silver Plated Lotus Pendant (PD2316)
1 Swarovski 8mm Crystal Bicone (AC8000)
1 Antique Silver Plated 22ga 2" Headpin (HP175)
19" Antique Silver Plated 3mm Chain (CN779)
2 Antique Silver Plated 5mm Jump Rings (JR211)
1 Antique Silver Plated Toggle Clasp (CL2525)
1 2oz Jewelry Resin Kit (JR1002)
Silver Mica Powder or Fine Grey Glitter


1) Take a couple of pieces of packing tape and adhere to the backside of the pendant. Burnish the tape to the back of the pendant with a credit card, your fingernail or some other type of flat tool that can get into all of the crevices. Really make sure that the tape is fixed to the back of the pendant before moving on.
2) Mix up enough of each half of resin so that you have 5ml worth of resin in the mixing cup. Sprinkle in a small bit of either Silver Mica powder (a little goes a very long way) or Fine Grey Glitter. Mix the resin and additive thoroughly together.
3) Make sure that the pendant is level on your work surface. After this is done, begin to add small amounts of the resin to the openings in the pendant with the mixing stick. The resin will self level after a time. Add only the tiniest bit of resin into each compartment and then go back to the beginning to address each compartment again. Don't overfill but don't get too worried if a bit of the resin sneaks out; you can cut the excess away with your side cutters and files if need be. Allow to dry completely for 48 hours before moving on.
4) Peel off the tape backing from the pendant. If you have any resin that seeped out in large quantities, simply take your file set and remove the excess resin.
5) Slide the chain into the bail on the back of the resin pendant. Open both of the jump rings and use one on each side to attach each half of the Toggle Clasp to each half of the chain.
6) Thread the Swarovski bicone onto the headpin and begin to make a wrapped loop. Before closing off the loop, attach the headpin to a long link about an inch from the pendant. Continue wrapping the loop and then cutting the excess wire off with your side cutters. Done!
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