Byzantine Bracelet Project

Byzantine Bracelet Project

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1) Open four jump rings and connect these to two closed jump rings (if using open jump rings, make sure that they are securely closed to use as "closed jump rings"). Divide the four jump rings so that you have two on either side of the closed jump rings that you attached these jump rings to. Study this for a minute, as it will show up again in your weave, letting you know that you are back to the beginning step. The two jump rings on either side of the middle two jump rings should be horizontal, while the middle two jump rings will be on the vertical.

2) With the two horozontal jump rings on the RIGHT, fold them back so that if you're looking at the side, it will form a horozontal "V" shape - with the point of the "V" pointing towards the right. If you look down onto the top of your weave, you'll see that by folding these two jump rings on the right back into that "V", you've created a hole where the jump rings lay over one another. Open two more jump rings and insert them through this hole, then close them. If done properly, you'll still have your "V" shape from the two jump rings earlier in this step, and now you'll have a "V" shape (if looking down on the weave again) with the two new jump rings that you just attached. NOTE: With your Chain Nose Pliers, splay the two newest jump rings out so that you see the two jump rings underneath, right next to one another. Attach two jump rings (and close them after attaching) to these jump rings - they are the first jump rings that you folded over in the beginning of this step.

3) Attach two jump rings to the two that you attached in the very last sentence of step #2. (now you'll have two vertical jump rings and two horozontal jump rings, like in step #1)

4) Now, the trick here is to get two closed jump rings in-between the two jump rings that you attached in step #3. Take the open jump ring through the bottom jump ring that was attached in the previous step, and one you've cleared this jump ring, thread two closed jump rings onto the open jump ring - and this will be in-between the two jump rings, like you want. Continue to take the open jump ring through the top jump ring that was attached in the previous step. Close this jump ring. (Now look at your weave. You'll see that you're getting another "V" just facing the opposite way on this side of the pattern.) Open another Jump Ring and go through the other side of the weave, going through the two jump rings in the previous step, and the two jump rings that were threaded onto the other jump ring on the other side.

5) Look down onto your weaving again. Do you see how completing step #4 has created another hole where the jump rings overlap? Open another two jump rings and going from the outside of the weave, go through the hole from the top, through the side of the "V" and the two jump rings that were threaded on in step #3. Now if you look from the top, there is your other "V" shape!

6) Notice how it's a reflection of the other side of the weave? This is one link in your Byzantine Chain. So what to do about the two free jump rings (the ones threaded on in step #3)? Take two jump rings and attach them to the jump rings in question, and then open to more and attach these to the ones that you attached to the first. This group of jump rings should mimic that of those jump rings in step #1. You're weave is made up of a repitition of steps #1 - #6. You only need to complete 3-4 links before you'll really become comfortable, and after that, you're all set!

7) To attach the Toggle Clasp; remember the initial set of 6 jump rings (four open, two closed) that you attached in step #1? You only used the open Jump Rings on the right from there on out, and ignored the ones on the left. Open a jump ring and attach this to the two on the left. Close this jump ring, open another and use this to attach the BAR half of the Toggle Clasp to the single jump ring that you just attached. For the other side of the bracelet, end the weave at the desired length at step #3 (the two horozontal jump rings). Open one Jump Ring and use this to attach the other half of the Toggle Clasp to the two horozontal jump rings at the end of the weave. Great Job!!!

Quantity of Items Needed
1 Toggle Clasp 14mm Silver Plated (CL533)
140-160 Open Jump Rings 7mm Silver Color (JR753)

Excellent written description
This is a fantastically written step by step description. I've never tried this particular combination. I need pictures, lol, seriously! I'm rating this a 4 because it's well done, but without added pictures, I am just not getting it! Add pics and it's a 5.
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Reviewed by:  from Last Frontier. on 2/3/2018
This project is doable when paired with a you tube video.
I use a clear ruler on the instructions which I printed out. I also use the pause button a lot on the video. It takes a foot of wire to make one inch of a Byzantine, so do not be surprized when you invariably run low on jump rings. When learning to fabricate a Byzantine, it is helpful to use larger sized jump rings made from non-precious metals. Also nylon jawed pliers work well so you are not nicking up your links. One can also cheaply add a strip of leather to your regular pliers and soak to glue loose when done.
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Reviewed by:  from Santee. on 6/30/2021
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