Braided Cup Chain Necklace

Braided Cup Chain Necklace

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This project uses Swarovski Crystal Cup Chain and braided wool cord for a fun, summery color motif. Follow our suggested products below or create your own unique color combinations.

Quantity of Items Needed
44 inchesSwarovski Crystal Cup Chain
26mm Silver Cord Ends
3 inchesSilver Chain
35mm Silver Jump Rings
1Silver Lobster Clasp
11 yardsWool Color 1
11 yardsWool Color 2
Let's Begin
  1. Braid the two different wool colors.
  2. Braiding Wool Cord
  3. Cut the cup chain in two lengths, one 24 inch length and one 20 inch length. Leave a gap of ½ inch from the knot on both wool cords and start sewing the cupchain onto the cord. Cut the knots and sew the cords together. Insert the cord into a cord end. Glue and let dry.
  4. Sew cup chain onto wool cord
  5. Using one jump ring attach the extension chain to one cord end. Use the other jump ring to attach the lobster clasp to the other cord end. Done!
  6. Add extension chain onto cord end
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