Biconed Pewter Necklace

Biconed Pewter Necklace

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1) Take HP153 and thread AC0001 and AC4714 onto it. Cut off all but 3/8" of the excess wire with PL495. Create a loop at the end using PL491. Open one JR223, and attach the biconed head pin along with two CN1005s. Close JR223.

2) Connect 13 more CN1005s to each of the two CN1005s that were attached to the jump ring with the biconed head pin. Connect each of the CN1005 to each other with a JR223. When you are finished, each half of the necklace should have 14 CN1005 connected to each other.

3) Take another JR223 and open. Attach to one of the ends of the necklace ( CN1005 ) and SR273. Close JR223.

4) Take one of the remaining three JR223s and attach to the other end of the necklace. Before closing this JR223, attach one of the JR753. Open second to last JR223 and attach to the JR753 in the previous sentence. Before closing THIS JR223, attach another JR753. Close the JR223.

To Finish.
5) Open the last JR223 and as before, attach to the second JR753. Before closing this jump ring, attach the last JR753 and then close the jump ring ( JR223 ).
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