Beads on the Loose Bracelet Project

Beads on the Loose Bracelet Project

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** With Memory Wire - be very careful cutting! Use safety glasses and be aware of where the excess wire will go when cutting. Only use Memory Wire pliers when cutting Memory Wire**

This is a great bead soup project! Below are listed the items used to create this specific bracelet, but use any combination of beads, dangles and charms to achieve a unique look!

1) Cut 1-1/2 loops from the memory wire coil.

2) Slide your mix of beads onto the memory wire - try to keep it just shy of the 1/2 coil mark.

3) Attach any dangles or charms and then take note of where your bracelet ends are. More than likely, you'll have to trim a bit off the ends in order for your bracelet to work properly - Don't cut anything just yet. Instead, take your chain nose or flat nose pliers and make a 90 degree bend with the wire end where you would like the bracelet end to terminate. Now take your round nose pliers and roll the end over into a loop that lies perpendicular to the memory wire coil. You might need to trim some wire off when you're creating your loop and make sure to fit the simple loop that you're creating around the coil before you close it completely.

4) Closing memory wire can be a little difficult too. To help out, try to roll as much as you can with your round nose pliers and then take your chain or flat nose pliers and set the pliers' jaws on either side of the loop and close the loop by compressing it with your pliers jaws.

5) Repeat this step again for the other side of the bracelet and then you're done!

Quantity of Items Needed
1-1/2 coils of Round Large Bracelet Memory Wire Bright Stainless Steel 1/4oz (BR122)
11 Simulated Turquoise Beads 4mm (TQ020)
4 Swarovski Round Crystal Bead 5000 6mm Crystal Golden Shadow (RB6317)
1 Charm - Aum 10mm Pewter Antique Silver Plated (CM1075)
2 Head Pin with 2mm Ball 2" 22 gauge Silver Plated (HP170)
1 Czech Fire Polished Donut 4x7mm Amethyst (GD4004)
2 Bead Cap - Filigree 10mm Base Metal Antique Brass Plated (BC1039)
1 Bead Cap - Corrugated 5mm Base Metal Silver Plated (BC1030)
1 Swarovski Crystal Pearls 5810 10mm Cream (PR0201)
1 Jump Ring - Open 4mm Silver Plated (JR200)
Wubber Flat Nose Pliers w/Medium Jaws 6-1/2" (PL193)
Memory Wire Side Cutters (PL781)

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