Beadalon Round Silver Plated Scrimp Kit 4.5mm (1-Pc)

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Kit includes a screwdriver, 10 Scrimps and 6 extra Screws.
A decorative bead with a screw inside that acts as a crimp!

Scrimp screw findings take the place of a crimp. These precision finding have a tiny set screw inside to crimp and hold Beadalon wires in place. The complete Scrimp Kit contains its own screwdriver and Scrimp findings with screws. Six additional screws are cleverly held within the handle of the screwdriver. All new Scrimp findings are a cinch to use for making necklaces, bracelets and anklets. Just partially unscrew the screw in the Scrimp finding and insert Beadalon wire up to .018" diameter into the Scrimp findings, through a clasp, and back through until the desired loop size is obtained. Then, simply tighten the screw using the provided screwdriver and begin stringing. Repeat steps for the opposite end of your design for a secure finish.

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