Swarovski Crystal Pavé Heart Charm 14mm Light Amethyst, Amethyst (1-Pc)

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  • Size: 14mm
  • Color: Light Amethyst/Amethyst
  • Hole Size: 4mm
  • Shape: Heart
  • Style: Single Sided
  • Brand: Swarovski
  • Country of Origin: Austria
  • _COLOR: Purple
  • _SimpleColor: Purple

Representing love, unity and sensuality, the Swarovski Pavé Heart Charm is a powerful talisman that can be worn as a single element from a pendant or in an arrangment of charms on a bracelet. This hand-made, multi-color charm features Light Amethyst and Amethyst crystals set in a Viola colored Ceralun epoxy. Each charm is set in a Rhodium plated heart-shaped Pavé setting with an 8mm jump ring (4mm inner diameter) attached.

This charm features a single sided design with a blank back side

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