.018" Black 19 Strand Beadalon Wire (30 Feet)

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  • Length: 30 Feet
  • Color: Black
  • Thickness: .018 Inch
  • Style: 19 Strand
  • Brand: Beadalon
  • _COLOR: Black
  • _SimpleColor: Black
Designer-Series Beadalon 19 contains 19 strands of stainless steel wire, so it’s flexible for beading projects of all kinds – and economical, too!

Beadalon 19 Strand has 19 miniature wires incorporated within a protective, abrasion-resistant nylon coating. The ideal combination of strength, flexibility and price.

Beadalon Clear Colors Flexible Beading Wire is coated in translucent shades of Blue, Green, Pink, Purple and Red. The nylon coating on Clear Colors allows light to pass through and reflect off the bright stainless steel wire for a spark of color that makes beaded designs come alive.

Color Wire from Beadalon does more than just allow you to match Wire color with Bead color. Thanks to it's translucent nylon coating, the bright wire reflects light and makes any Necklace or Bracelet even more vibrant! Beadalon Color Wire is available in Blue, Green, Pink, Purple and Red, so you're sure to find just the right color combination for your next Stringing project.

This item is proudly made in the USA
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