Étoile Earring Project

Étoile Earring Project

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1) Take one of the 1" lengths of chain and open the connector loop at the base of one of the earwires. Attach the chain and close the loop. Open one of the Jump Rings and thread on a Column pendant and then attach to the free end of the chain. Make sure the Jump Ring is closed securely.

2) Take a Head pin and thread on either one of the bicone colors (you will have four of each color on each of the earrings). Make a Simple Loop and attach to one of the bottom two links on the attached length of chain. Repeat this step for three more of the bicones in the first color you selected, followed by four of the second color. Attach each of these Head pins to the chain in a random pattern.

3) Repeat all steps to create the other earring.

Quantity of Items Needed
8 Swarovski Crystal Bicone Beads 5328 4mm Light Colorado Topaz (AC4039)
8 Swarovski Crystal Bicone Beads 5301 4mm Sand Opal AB (AC4345)
2" Fine Cable Link Chain 2mm Gold Filled (CN064)
2 Swarovski Column Pendant 6460 20x5mm Crystal Golden Shadow (CP2317)
2 Gold Filled Fish Hook Ear Wire w/ 2mm Bead 21mm (FH002)
16 Gold Filled Head Pin 1" 24 gauge (HP104)
2 Jump Ring - Round Open 6mm Gold Filled (JR604)

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