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Ruby Beads

(The Gemstone King) Ruby is a type of mineral called corundum that also includes sapphires. It is considered to be the second hardest material known to man (the first being diamond). They are found mainly in Thailand, Sri Lanka and Myanmar, but have also been found recently in Africa and Australia. The color of a ruby will typically denote where the stone was mined from. Colors considered appropriate for a ruby are those that are red, red-violet, or red-orange. The name Ruby is derived from the Latin word "rubeus" or red. All natural rubies have imperfections, and unlike a diamond, this does not take away from a ruby's value or quality. Those rubies that don't have imperfections can be assumed to be lab created. The birthstone for July, rubies have throughout time been considered the symbol for passion, love and royalty. It is thought to bring its wearer wisdom and protection from misfortunes.