Peridot Beads

A yellow-green gemstone that is colored due to the amount of ferrous iron within, Peridot is the birthstone of August and can be easily confused with Emerald. Peridot is susceptible to acids and quick temperature changes. Do not clean Peridot jewelry with an ultrasonic cleaner. Some say that Peridots’ name comes from the Arabic word “faridat” (gem), and was the most popular gemstone during the Baroque period. It is also said that Peridot was Cleopatra’s favorite gemstone. Hawaiian legend states that Peridot gemstones are the tears of the goddess Pele. Peridot has been used to slow the aging process and help with one’s speech. It has also been used to help find things that are lost. Peridot is found in China, Pakistan, Australia, Egypt, Norway and the U.S.

All items are handcrafted. Therefore, size, shape, hole size, and finish may vary slightly. (Chrysolite, Olivine)
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Peridot Beads 3-4mm (15
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