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Gold Filled Wire

Our Gold Filled wire is 14/20. This means that 1/20th of the weight is 14 karat gold.

Our Gold Filled Wire is sold by the foot via “Wire-on-Demand.” We have a maximum length per coil of 10ft. For example: If you order “25 foot” of wire you will receive two 10 foot coils and one 5 foot coil. Because wire has a tendency to retain its' shape, this is the optimum length to avoid kinking or binding when uncoiling.

Please Note: Gold Filled wire is non-returnable.
Soft Wire - bends easily and will conform to almost any shape. Great for wire wrapping and making chain.
Half-Hard Wire - Some stiffness and retains its shape when bent. Ideal for earrings, clasps and hooks.
Dead Soft Wire
Dead Soft Wire
Half-Hard Wire
Half-Hard Wire